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Better low end control

Acoustical Panels


Acoustics you can trust

Octique(TM) panels are carefully simulated to deliver the much needed extension of low frequency absorption that is impossible to achieve with regular acoustical panels.

Each component is carefully hand-built by experienced workmen and carefully assembled with accuracy to the last millimeter.

Custom CNC milled components ensure that the calculated tuning of the panel matches with the actual performance when installed.

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Octique (TM) belongs to Octavox Media,

an acoustical consulting firm that also specializes in Audio, Video, Lighting and Simulation domains.

Octique intends to introduce more acoustical products periodically based on when research and development delivers tangible results for mass production for the market.

Octique and Octavox Media uses a series of technological tools such as simulation, measurement and rendering  software to arrive at a product that not only sounds great, but looks beautiful.

01. Custom Made

Each panel is made to suit your room's acoustical behavior.

Contact us for a free assessment.

02. Color Options

Much of the panel can be custom made with colors and finishes to match with the interior theme of your space.

03. Technical Data

All Octique panels come with downloadable resources such as Cad-DWG files, Sketchup 3D Model, Acoustical Simulation Material File so that that it can be easily incorporated into your design.


Let us understand your

Acoustical simulation and onsite measurements are generally necessary to determine the inner components of acoustical treatment.

Hence every panel is made differently to suit a particular need

Contact us for a free assessment of your space.

Our products ship pan India.

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